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The Advanced JS Bootcamp will take place in Q2 2021

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The best way to jump-start your software developer career is through a bootcamp.

Problem: most coding bootcamp are super expensive

Some coding bootcamps charge you $10,000 and more.

That's the price of a small car 🚙

Some bootcamps want a percentage of your earnings for up to 4 years

This bootcamp is different.

You can become a JavaScript professional without spending a fortune.

(And, let's face it, in-person bootcamps won't take place for quite a while, so an online bootcamp is a great opportunity to spend your time wisely)

  • This bootcamp is 100% online

    No need to move anywhere. Learn from your house or anywhere you want.

  • Duration

    The JS Bootcamp lasts 20 weeks. New levels and learning material are unlocked and sent to you weekly.

  • Not your traditional online course

    Don't compare this to other courses you can find online. This bootcamp is packed with tons of information and it corresponds to ~10 typical online courses in regards to how much stuff you will learn, how much support you will get in your journey, and how many projects we'll build.

  • Guided by a professional

    My name is Flavio and I've created 10 online courses in the past 2 years. This bootcamp is the culmination of my experience as a professional teacher. Prior to that I've worked as a software engineer for 10+ years. I will guide you through this bootcamp via weekly check-ins and instructions.

  • Community

    The difference with a real world bootcamp is the onsite presence and friendship with fellow students. Our Discord community will be the place where we'll grow together.

  • Email based support

    In addition to the community of students on Discord, you can ask the instructor (Flavio) anything related to the course via email.

A comprehensive adventure in the world of JavaScript and Web Development

Become a skilled JavaScript Developer!

The Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp







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Some words from the students
of the Bootcamp

This course was a game changer for me. the more regimented coursework made me realize I had to grind harder if I wanted to make it. It's also teaches you a wide range of skills, vs udemy courses where you'll learn 5 skill sets maybe at most. Here you'll learn 20+ (probably more). I already feel like I've learned 20x what I could have found on my own. Thanks Flavio!

Brad Alexander

I learned the most valuable lessons in practice, theory, and execution. The bootcamp gives a well defined curriculum including projects and examples. The text based style is just exponentially great and Flavio is always there to help out!

Farkas Attila

The course has been very good. I learned a lot and it got me thinking about what I have to work on and improve. I found the content and pace of the workshop excellent, I like the format. This was the first time I was involved in webinar training, and it has been a great learning experience, there are so many little things to know and learn one couldn’t possibly learn it on their own, and that’s where Flavio and the JS Bootcamp really make the difference. Also, I found it to be a very good webinar for new-comers to the web world. The information provided will prove to be very useful in practice.

Francisco Intriago

Finally I found an affordable & flexible ONLINE bootcamp where I can manage my time between learning and my family. Fellow students who always help each other & with Flavio himself actively engages with what student needs help me enormously in my learning journey!

Ayu Adiati

This course is much more satisfying than General Assembly's JavaScript Development class. Flavio gets into the nitty gritty of how things work and why they work that way. I'm a QA Engineer at a tech startup and I'm learning a lot about the tools that my Engineering team already uses and I think it's helping me to be better at my job. I also really appreciate that you can work on this course at your own pace.

Anna Kalil

Flavio offers a personal feeling bootcamp course that allows you to interact with him and 50+ fellow course participants using discord and great online courses. If you can "do JavaScript" but want to go the next level I highly recommend joining where you can work at your own pace but take part with many others for support. Come increase the fun!

Geoff Hollingworth

If you want to properly learn JS-based full-stack web development you need to learn a lot: HTML, CSS, JS, various frameworks, libraries and databases. And tools, you need to learn about the tools of the trade as well: the right code editor, all the little terminal programs, the linters, the pre-processors, the post-processors and so much more. And everything else that you need to know as a developer: Linux, the shell and the CLI, networking, servers, deployment. Where on earth can you learn about all that in one place in just a few months?
Enter Flavio Copes' JavaScript Full Stack Bootcamp! You will be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive course for full-stack web development on the Internet. Modern web development requires you to know a lot. And Flavio provides that knowledge with enough depth to keep you going when the bootcamp is over. The material is well-presented, easy to follow and actually up-to-date. You will learn what is relevant now or, more importantly, what might be essential tomorrow and not what was hot yesterday. The lessons are primarily delivered in written form. So you can easily study at your own pace and always come back to look something up again. The videos he provides are supplemental and either provide a different presentation for a theoretical topic or his own practical approach to the bootcamp projects. And talking about projects, there are a lot of them! The only way you truly learn to program is by doing it. The projects always keep the theory tethered to real-world challenges. And if you need help, then Flavio is always there to answer your questions. But it's not just Flavio who will help. The bootcamp has its own Discord server with a friendly and active community. There is always somebody else on the server who might be able to help you with a problem and encourage you to keep going.
So to sum things up, I really feel good about the whole course. There is so much to learn. And it will require further studies on my own. But for the first time I have the feeling that I can get somewhere with an online course, working confidently on the front- and backend, equipped with the knowledge of an up-to-date tech stack. Hence, if you want to become a full-stack JS developer I wholeheartedly recommend this bootcamp!

Christian Schlobach

I started learning programming a couple of months before the bootcamp started, and it felt overwhelming to figure out how I should approach it. I tried using other tutorials, but the ones I found were mostly video-based and I found it hard to follow, especially since I am a beginner.
However, this bootcamp is text based, and I find it much more enjoyable to be able to go back and read the material again, I feel I am absorbing the information in a different way. Also, the bootcamp has given me a good structure for learning all the topics that are necessary to become a full stack developer, which would have taken me a very long time to figure out on my own. In addition, the discord community is very friendly, and I have found lots of help and information from the chat.

Christian Halvorsen

It's great to be part of the JS Bootcamp, learning new things with the friendly Discord community.
A nice thing about Flavio's course is that the theory is written in small fun blocks with some pratical projects on the side so it allows you to follow it easily.

Aurore Knapic

The JS Bootcamp is in a written form and available forever which is great. You can always go back and refresh your memory, and you will since it's so full of information, tips and tricks - the curriculum is huge! I am a junior front end for about a year and a half now and yet I found so many details in the course materials that I never learned in a proper way before. Also finally learned and understood the bigger picture of frontend development, not just HTML, CSS and JavaScript but all other things that come into play like npm, webpack, babel, networking, and many other concepts that are missing from most courses I took in the past. Pair that with a very, very low price, multiple discount options, very friendly and helpful instructor Flavio and you have a great deal. Community is also just the right size, not too big, not too small, someone is always there to help you move through curriculum. Flavio also leaves no questions / requests unanswered.

Mirjana Tomic

Frequent Questions

Who is this bootcamp for?

Too many tutorials and little action? This bootcamp is perfect for you.

Looking to get into React or Vue with practical projects? This bootcamp is perfect for you.

Ready to step up your JS? This bootcamp is perfect for you.

You're a frontend dev and you want to get more fullstack/backend skills? This bootcamp is great for you.

You're a jQuery user? This bootcamp is perfect for you to get into the more modern JS world.

You're a backend dev and you want to get more frontend skills? This bootcamp is great for you.

What's the format of the lessons?

Once you enroll in the bootcamp, you will have access every week to 2 levels, each containing that week modules and lessons. Lessons are text based. Text is better to parse, to copy code snippets from, search and reference later. Most people that signup to my courses prefer that to video courses (and there are many video courses out there). Each week I'll send you a video where I'll describe how to approach the modules and what are the key concepts you need to know.

What kind of projects will we create?

You'll build several projects in this bootcamp. Here's a partial list:

  • Create a signup process using Passport
  • Your first React application
  • Visualize GitHub users data using React
  • Create a Chat application using Redux
  • Create a Web App using Next.js
  • Create a pixel drawing app using Vue
  • Track your bills using Vue.js
  • Create a platform game using Phaser
  • Create your first desktop app
  • Create your first Ionic-based app
  • Build your first React Native app
  • Build a game controller with Arduino and a Joystick
  • Build a webcam communication app using WebRTC
  • Build a file sharing app using WebRTC
  • A scraping project

What's the effort required?

I estimate a minimum of about 1 hour every day, during the week. You can do more if you can dedicate more time, of course. You can also do 2-3 hours a day in the weekend, if you prefer. I built it so it's perfectly reasonable to enroll even if you have a full time job.

Will I have access to the course lesson at the end of the bootcamp?

Yes, they will be yours forever.

Can I follow the bootcamp at my own pace?

Yes! I do unlock 2 levels every week but no problem with going a bit slower!

Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes. As an independent online course, as for certificates you get using other common online courses sites, it is not officially recognized because I'm not an accredited education institution.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. FlavioCareÂź guarantees you a no-questions-asked 100% refund if you are not happy with the bootcamp and if you don't think you get value from it, up to 30 days after joining. Note that if you enrolled with the weekly or monthly subscriptions, only the last period payment can be refunded (current week or current month), not all the previous ones.

What's included in the bootcamp?

A lot. And I mean, a lot. But no fear, my aim is to guide you through all the program successfully, with projects, interesting sample apps and a vibrant community around it!

Level Introduction to Programming

  • Introduction to Programming

  • The main concepts of Programming Languages

  • Designing algorithms and programs

  • How to plan an application from the ground up

Level The foundations of the Web

  • The Web Platform

  • Networking Basics

  • HTML Basics

  • Exercises HTML Exercises

Level CSS and Tailwind

  • CSS Basics

  • More CSS

  • Exercises HTML + CSS Exercises

  • Introduction to Tailwind CSS

Level Introducing JavaScript

  • The JavaScript Basics

  • Primitive Types

  • Functions

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Asynchronous Programming

Level Exercise your JavaScript skills

  • Exercises Exercising Functions

  • Exercises Exercising Objects

Level More JavaScript

  • Arrays

  • Loops

  • Advanced Operators

  • More JavaScript Concepts

  • Dates

  • JSON

  • Modules

  • Errors and Exceptions

  • The Event Loop

Level JavaScript in the Browser

  • The DOM

  • Events

  • Forms

  • The History API

  • Networking in the browser

  • Cookies

  • The Storage API

Level Debugging

  • Debugging

  • The Browser Developer Tools

  • Using the Chrome Debugger

Level Advanced CSS

  • Responsive Design

  • Flexbox

  • CSS Grid

  • CSS Custom Properties

  • SCSS

Level Graphics

  • CSS Transforms

  • CSS Transitions

  • CSS Animations

  • SVG

  • The Canvas API

Level Basic tools for any developer

  • VS Code

  • The Command Line

  • Git

  • curl

Level Awesome JavaScript Developer's Tools

  • npm

  • Babel

  • PostCSS

  • Webpack

  • Prettier

  • ESLint

Level Practical Linux and servers knowledge

  • Introduction to Linux

  • The Bash shell

  • Common UNIX commands

  • Project Your first Linux server

Level JavaScript on the Server with Node.js

  • The Node.js Basics

  • Node Input and Output

  • Node.js Networking

  • Node.js File System

  • Express.js

Level Databases

  • Databases 101

  • MongoDB

  • SQL

  • PostgreSQL

Level Interfacing with Databases using Node.js

  • Using MongoDB from Node.js

  • The node-postgres module

  • Using Sequelize

Level The Redis key-value database

  • Redis

  • Use Redis from Node.js

  • Project Build a Twitter clone using Redis and Express



  • How to create a REST API using Express

  • Project Build a Trip Planner app REST API

  • Consuming a REST API as a client

  • Project Create an app using the GitHub Public API

  • Project A shop business hours website powered by Airtable

Level GraphQL API

  • GraphQL

  • Project Build an app that consumes a GraphQL API

  • Project Create a GraphQL API

Level Application architectures

  • SPA / JAMstack

  • Server-side rendered apps (SSR)

  • Serverless

Level React

  • Fundamentals Concepts of React

  • JSX

  • React Components and State Management

  • Project Your first React application

  • Project Visualize GitHub users data using React

Level Advanced Browser Topics

  • IndexedDB

  • Drag and Drop

  • Notification API

  • Channel Messaging API

  • BroadcastChannel API

  • Geolocation API

  • The Speech Synthesis API

  • Web Workers

  • Service Workers

  • Progressive Web Apps

Level Application level topics

  • How to organize an application code

  • State management and Finite State Machines

  • Logging

  • Frontend Frameworks

  • Advanced REST API Topics

  • Microservices

  • Accessibility

Level Vue.js

  • Fundamentals of Vue.js

  • The Vue CLI

  • Project Create a pixel drawing app using Vue

  • Vue Advanced Concepts

  • Project Track your bills using Vue.js

Level Authentication and authorization

  • Authentication

  • Sessions and Cookies

  • Project Create a signup process using Passport

  • JSON Web Tokens

  • OAuth

  • Firebase

Level Svelte

  • Introduction to Svelte

  • Sapper

  • Project An Excel clone with Svelte

Level Security

  • Introduction to Security in Web Applications

  • HTTP Security and the Browser Security Model

  • CSRF

  • XSS

  • Server Security

Level Advanced React with Next.js

  • Introduction to Next.js

  • More advanced Next.js Concepts

  • Project Create a Blog RSS Engine using Next.js

Level Advanced React State Management with Redux

  • Redux

  • Project Create a Chat application using Redux

Level Testing

  • Introduction to Testing

  • Unit Testing with Jest

  • End to end testing with Cypress

  • Testing Node.js Apps

  • Testing a REST API

  • Testing React Apps

  • Automating testing

  • Test-Driven Development

Level Deploying applications

  • Deployment basics

  • Netlify

  • Vercel

  • Deploying an app on Heroku

  • Deploying a Node.js app using a VPS

  • Using a CDN

Level Creating Games with JavaScript

  • Introduction to Phaser.js

  • Project Create a platform game using Phaser

Level JavaScript Desktop Apps

  • Introduction to Electron

  • Project Build an RSS Reader using Electron

Level Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript

  • Introduction to Ionic

  • Project Build a weight tracker mobile app using Ionic

  • Introduction to React Native

  • Project Build a Classified Ads mobile app using React Native

Level JavaScript for Electronics

  • Programming Electronics with Arduino

  • The Johnny Five Node.js Library

  • Project Build a game controller with Arduino and a Joystick

Level Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Data Structures

  • Algorithms

Level Perfomance and optimization

  • Caching

  • Performance

Level WebRTC

  • getUserMedia

  • WebRTC

  • Project Build a webcam communication app using WebRTC

  • Project Build a file sharing app using WebRTC

Level Web Scraping with JavaScript

  • Scraping with Puppeteer

  • Project Create a JavaScript Job Aggregator built scraping Remote Jobs Directories

Level Technologies linked to the JavaScript Ecosystem

  • TypeScript

  • Webassembly

Hear what people say about Flavio, the instructor

One year ago I started learning Node.js and if I had a time machine I would send myself this course. It would save me a lot time and frustration fixing bugs that could have be prevented by understanding underlying concepts. Flavio's course does exactly this, explaining concepts concisely and transforming the knowledge into experience by building five projects.

Aiden Buis

I loved every moment of this course. Flavio’s no-nonsense teaching style gets you up and running quick. And the best part: you’re actually building real-world apps and learning useful skills! This is a must buy for anyone looking to learn how to build great products!.

Sergio Mattei

Node.js is the future. It's becoming more and more popular, both because of its. growing ecosystem and because it is great for people who already know front-end web development. And I can't think of anyone better to learn it from than Flavio. He is able to explain programming in an easy to understand way, the perfect balance between concise and in-depth.


Flavio did a great job with this course! You learn by coding useful projects. I wish I had followed a similar approach when I started coding in Node.js, it’s way more fun and you can avoid a few headaches.


Flavio's lessons get you building real things right away. The variety of projects you'll build will serve as great examples for building your own products. He uses the latest libraries, tech and tools to get you up and running in no time.

Corey Gwin

I've learnt a lot from Flavio's React.js, Node.js related courses, since my current job tech stack is using javascript a lot. The challenges in the end of each lesson are interesting as well. I do agree with Flavio as his courses format are not videos. So I can reference anytime I want to remind myself anything.

Khanh Mai

Flavio is a great developer with the humility to show his process in development; instead of showing only the perfect 'Ciak'. This translates into a real lesson where you can learn the mindset, the approach you face, the theory but you come home with much more. Becoming a programmer is hard, Flavio is teaching me a serious and profitable approach to becoming a good developer with real projects.

Giandomenico Riceputi

I've been a follower of Flavio's content from his awesome material available from his blog and his free ebooks. It is nice to see the content available on the club keeps the same quality: bite sized lessons you can consume at any time, practical instructions and projects and up to date material. I totally feel much more confident now on my JavaScript skills and knowledge, and much more motivated to pursue a full time career on development. Flavio's club totally worth it: you stay on top of what's is best on tech, sharpen your skills and get around a community of motivated learners.

Luiz Furtado

Flavio's courses are a great resource that you can reference from time-time when you get stuck. They are well-organized & follow a flow that will make understanding them easier as you go on plus you get to actually build something while learning â˜ș

Joan Henry